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Real Estate Law – North San Diego County

Joseph Stine provides effective common real estate law disputes for clients in the North San Diego County communities. In each case, Joe’s experience as a mediator has allowed him to explore ways to resolve disputes without unduly prolonging or complicating the conflict.

  • Represents buyers and/or sellers in home purchase or commercial lease Real Estate Law North San Diego Countydisputes
  • Enables property owners to disengage from unworkable joint title arrangements
  • Helps clients deal with disagreeable neighbors on rights-of-way, overhanging trees, misplaced fences, nuisances, and other adjoining property issues 

Joe’s approach is to aggressively argue his client’s most favorable legal position while also keeping an eye out for settlement opportunities that are reasonable and save money. Over 95% of all civil cases are settled or otherwise resolved without trial.  As a litigator, Joe’s goal is to look for potential avenues for settlement throughout the litigation process. This also includes trail prep in the event that a judge or jury must decide the case.

Real Estate Law – Property Disputes, Issues & Transactions

Most of Joseph Stine Law’s real estate law-related work arises from property disputes, issues, or transactions in Northern San Diego County. If the matter goes to litigation, the case is typically heard in the North San Diego County Division of the San Diego Superior Court. The Vista Court offers multiple settlement processes including mediation, attorney settlement panels, and also judicial settlement conferences. Joe has extensive experience in each of these processes and has settled hundreds of cases as a Court-appointed mediator.

Real Estate Law – Strategy

The strategic approach vigorously advocates for the client’s interests without being overzealous or unnecessarily contentious. Every effort is made to look for both cost-effective and creative avenues for resolution. This includes strategically employing the best settlement process for the particular real estate law dispute. Clients are also counseled on how to take full advantage of that process.

  • Residential & Commercial Transactions: escrow-related issues, due diligence reviews during pending sales, deposit retention and returns, undisclosed property defects, real estate agent issues, leases, options to purchase
  • Adjoining Property Disputes: access rights over private roads and pathways, encroachments, property line issues, nuisances, view disputes, trespasses
  • Ownership & Title Issues: co-ownership dissolution, title disputes, adverse possession claims, condominiums, foreclosure issues
  • Homeowner Association Disputes: covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&R) violations, fees and assessments, noise complainants, informal and alternative dispute resolution processes, association governance, architectural standards, property maintenance issues

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Joseph is a San Diego native and has practiced law for 37 years specializing in Real Estate, Business and Civil Litigation. He also served as the 2016 President of the North County Bar Association.