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More Protection For Homeowners Seeking Loan Modifications

Working with an institutional lender to modify a home loan can be daunting task.  You may get bounced from one representative to another as you try to navigate the processing maze.  Sometimes you get inconsistent, conflicting answers from different people to questions...

Dealing With Real Estate Co-Ownership Disputes The Right Way

Are you and a co-owner of a house or condominium arguing about what to do with it?  There may be a dispute over who should live there, whether to sell it to a third party, or how much one owner should pay to the other in a buy out arrangement.  Perhaps you and the...

Pets: more than objects under court decision

To many of us, our pets are members of  the family.  We value them for their love and companionship. We talk to them as if they were human babies. Dogs, cats and other animals can fill a void for an adult otherwise living alone.  Children likewise form strong...

Tips on when to go to mediation

Most of us have heard the expression: Being at the right place at the right time.  If you are in port for the day from a cruise, being back at the dock at the right time means the difference between catching the ship and having it leave you behind.  You want a tour...

Dealing with Homeowners Associations

Homeowners associations are mini-governments with powers and responsibilities defined by the law.  They are charged with enforcing private covenants intended to uphold community aesthetics and property values.  They are responsible for maintaining and repairing common...


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